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Business opportunities in the transport and logistics sector

Fastest, cheapest and most efficient access to the region's largest market.

The optimum combination of factors for a successful logistics company

With so many business opportunities, Bahrain offers a wide range of logistics and transport opportunities for international companies looking to establish a profitable distribution and fulfilment base in the region. Unrivalled access to the Gulf Cooperation Council markets and high quality service will maximise the return on your investment.

50-72% savings

With the lowest cost of establishing and operating logistics business capabilities in the GCC, the annual cost of running a logistics business in Bahrain is significantly lower than selected GCC peers.

Lower costs

You will find lower costs for utilities, accommodation, construction, labour and other operating costs for your logistics business .

Competitive Lease

Competitive and attractive land lease rates in Bahrain's logistics zone with no additional fees or service charges.

Cost-effective ports

Lower port charges compared to all other Gulf ports.

Lower cost of living

Companies and their employees who relocate to Bahrain can expect a lower overall cost of living than most other Gulf countries.

Strategic Location

Strategically located in the heart of the Gulf, Bahrain offers your transport and logistics business unparalleled access to a growing regional customer base throughout the Middle East. Offering the shortest transit times between the seaport, airport and industrial zones within the GCC, ensuring excellent cargo handling times and procedures.

In addition, being the closest gateway to Saudi Arabia, we can offer the fastest routes to market as 75% of the Saudi economy is accessible in just a few hours.

Favourable business environment

Your logistics company can succeed right from the start thanks to our business-friendly policies as well as Bahrain EDB's support in management and after-sales services.

100% ownership

Through warehousing, packaging, regional distribution and re-export of goods.

No taxation

0% corporate income tax and 0% personal income tax.

Labour flexibility

Investors have the flexibility to hire the right local or international labour force to suit the needs of their company and business.

Full support and guidance

The Bahrain Economic Development Board provides investors with full support and guidance in the decision-making process, as well as assistance and follow-up services.

A skilled and affordable local labour force

Whether you run a small transport company or a global logistics business, Bahrain has a talented workforce ready to take on any role, from fulfilment to management.

Government Support

Bahrain offers government financial and training support to employ your new company.

Full flexibility

Permission to use 100% non-Bahraini labour if desired, unlike other countries in the region.


Availability of a skilled, well-educated and bilingual local labour force in Bahrain at all levels with a variety of skills and experience.

Well-developed logistical infrastructure

Bahrain has everything you need to start and establish your transport and logistics company with all relevant services in one place - Salman Industrial City. Bahrain continues to invest in its manufacturing, transport and logistics infrastructure as part of a $32 billion investment programme across a number of sectors.

9 min
from Khalifa bin Salman Port

23 min
from King Fahd Causeway

Bahrain International Investment Park

Bahrain International Investment Park (BIIP), located next to Khalifa bin Salman Port, is ideal for manufacturing and industrial services. More than 75 companies are already operating here, with around 85 per cent of investment coming from international businesses.

14 min.
from Khalifa Bin Salman Port

30 min
from King Fahd Causeway

Bahrain Logistics Zone

Bahrain Logistics Zone (BLZ) is a duty-free logistics park strategically located next to Khalifa Bin Salman Port, offering customised solutions for tenants 24/7. BLZ is the first such multi-modal hub in the Middle East specialising in value-added logistics and re-export.

20 min.
from Bahrain International Airport

27 min
from King Fahd Causeway

Khalifa bin Salman Port

The most efficient port in the region for cargo management with a truck turnaround time of less than 60 hours and container clearance time of less than 3 hours. Located 13km from the airport and connected to Saudi Arabia by road, the port offers world-class services to shipping companies, freight forwarders and profitable cargo owners. Enjoy free cargo storage at the port for 11 days and free movement of capital for goods produced in Bahrain.

10 min
from Khalifa bin Salman Port

22 min
from King Fahd Causeway

Bahrain Investment Wharf

If you're looking to create a more self-contained mixed-use environment, check out Bahrain Investment Wharf (BIW), located in the Hidd Industrial Zone of the industrial city of Salman.

23 min.
From Khalifa bin Salman Port

24 min
from Salman Industrial City

King Fahd Road

King Fahd Road is considered the fastest route into Saudi Arabia compared to any other entry point into Bahrain, with trade through the road increasing by $9.06 billion per year.

17 min
From the industrial city of Salman

24 min
From King Fahd Causeway

Bahrain International Airport

Bahrain Airport offers excellent access to the wider region. It is a regional hub for Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific and Air India, as well as a distribution centre for the MENA region.

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Bahrain Logistics Zone

Take charge of your logistics operations

Comprehensive solutions

Bahrain Logistics Zone (BLZ) offers a range of solutions to meet the growing needs of logistics operations. This 1km2 site offers one of the best locations in the Middle East for keeping project and construction costs low. BLZ is ideally located for simpler and cheaper logistics plans.

High efficiency

BLZ offers one of the most efficient customs procedures and fastest customs clearance times in the GCC, helping to keep logistics plans on schedule.

Customised solutions

Comprehensive customised customs solutions and dedicated account managers for administrative and management purposes are just some of BLZ's logistics resources.

Around the clock

Around-the-clock customs presence for cargo processing helps ensure that logistics operations run smoothly around the clock.

Smooth Transition

Shortest transit times between seaport, airport and logistics zones in the Gulf, allowing you to optimise your goods throughput.

Flexible operational processes

BLZ provides businesses with multimodal access to a dedicated area ideal for cross-docking.

Accessible specialised infrastructure

Competitive land prices

BLZ offers land at a price of US$11.1 per square metre (including 15% service charge). US$11.1 per square metre (including 15% service charge).

20-year renewable leases

Businesses are free to operate in BLZ with a fully owned and renewable lease.

Finished warehouses

Businesses looking to expand in Bahrain can choose from a variety of warehouses developed by private developers within the BLZ.

Strong infrastructure

Businesses benefit from world-class infrastructure, reliable transport links, utilities and fibre optic connectivity.

Strategic Location

BLZ is conveniently located on the Gulf, allowing seamless connectivity to Bahrain's transport and industrial infrastructure to support a variety of logistics plans and needs.

<1 km 2 min.

From Bahrain Logistics Zone.

Bahrain International Investment Park

The Bahrain International Investment Park, located adjacent to the BLZ, is home to over 114 of the region's largest manufacturing and industrial services companies, with approximately 80% of investment coming from international companies.

3.3 km 7 min.

From Bahrain Logistics Zone.

Bahrain Investment Wharf

Bahrain Investment Wharf, located just minutes from BLZ in Al Hidd Industrial Zone, is a self-contained mixed-use development.

5.5 km 5 min

from Bahrain Logistics Zone

Khalifa bin Salman Port

Businesses in BLZ can take advantage of its close proximity to Khalifa bin Salman Port, the main transhipment hub in the North Gulf region.

9.4 km 17 min.

From Bahrain Logistics Zone

Bahrain International Airport

Located no more than 20 minutes from BLZ, Bahrain International Airport connects businesses to the wider region and serves as a regional hub for DHL.

51 km 47 min.

From Bahrain Logistics Zone

Saudi Arabia via King Fahd Causeway

Saudi Arabia is just an hour's drive from BLZ via the King Fahd Causeway, the fastest entry point to the region's largest market.

Bahrain Advantage

Bahrain provides opportunities to build a profitable distribution base while ensuring customer satisfaction with short time to market and high quality customer service. The advantages of Bahrain go beyond just a convenient location. It includes labour and government advantages that can help with logistics plans.

Gateway to the GCC

BLZ offers easy access to Saudi Arabia and neighbouring countries by air, sea and road.

Strong labour force

Bahrain provides the most culturally diverse, educated and bilingual workforce in the region.

100% repatriation

Bahrain allows full repatriation of capital, profits and dividends.

Government support

Access to government financial and training support.

0% corporate and income tax

No corporate taxes are levied on businesses.

100% foreign ownership

For additional logistics services and regional distribution centres.

Key activities

  1. Regional distribution
  2. Freight forwarding
  3. Courier and express services
  4. E-commerce and full-field operations
  5. Value-added logistics services

Bahrain's favourable customs services, business convenience and strong infrastructure make BLZ the most favourable logistics zone in the region.

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