Why Bahrain is an attractive site for relocation or international business start-up. Interview with Miroslav Zolotarev

New opportunities for Russian entrepreneurs are associated with the growing influence of the Middle East on the global economy.

Egor Evlannikov's next conversation with a well-known businessman will again touch upon international business issues. This time the guest of Easy Home channel will be Miroslav Zolotarev - Chairman of the Board of ACEX Group, resident of Equium business community.

Miroslav will briefly talk about his 25 years of experience in international logistics and holding events to unite entrepreneurs around the world in the framework of associations. He will highlight the development of business processes in which he is involved and outline ACEX Group's plans to work as an operator in the global logistics hub, the free trade zones with a centre in Bahrain.

The talk will cover the following topics relevant to entrepreneurs seeking to develop international business:

1. The ongoing redistribution of the world's zones of influence in the context of doing business. De-globalisation, changes in key market players, the increasing role of the Middle East in the global economy.

2. Increasing status of UAE and other Gulf countries in settling trade relations. Underestimated role of India, high potential of African continent countries.

3. The redistribution of world trade flows, the increasing importance of regional development and the growth of trade relations within regions - new economic realities and how the actions of entrepreneurs relate to these trends.

4. Bahrain as the financial centre of the Arab world: the country's role in logistics, financial flows in the region and its impact on world trade.

5. The work of Bahrain Easy Home in Bahrain: activities to support Russian entrepreneurs who often have difficulties in entering international markets. Activities of government structures and financial centres of the kingdom to support business development in the country.

6. New opportunities for businessmen from Russia in the production of goods using the facilities of the Middle East countries, in particular Bahrain, and their subsequent sale on marketplaces and online shops.

To summarise, the interlocutors will discuss why Bahrain is an attractive place to relocate or start a business, and Miroslav Zolotarev will name three main trends in international business that will be relevant in Bahrain in the next decade.

Enjoy watching and successful realisation of new ideas in business!