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Investing in healthcare in Bahrain

Bahrain puts you at the centre of regional healthcare opportunities. The prospects for investing in healthcare are significant, whether you are involved in wellness and preventative care, specialised medical care, mental health, research and development (R&D) or manufacturing.

Hospitals and clinics in Bahrain , as well as those developing specialised treatments, are constantly growing. The development of general and specialised medicine, as well as the development of hospitals, makes the Bahraini health department attractive and promising for investment. Bahrain's healthcare sector has a strong foundation, exciting growth opportunities, a centralised location and a promising workforce, making it the future of the healthcare industry in the GCC.

Growing fast, with room to spare!

Health care in Bahrain is expanding rapidly with a focus on developing centres of medical excellence. At the same time, analyses of the healthcare industry show that Bahrain has the lowest density of healthcare workers per capita in the Gulf Cooperation Council, suggesting significant room for expansion (WHO, 2017). Hospitals in Bahrain may have the lowest density, but Bahrain's medical centres are poised for expansion due to an excellent workforce. Now that the market is booming and the workforce is ripe for development, now is the time to take advantage of healthcare investment opportunities in Bahrain and invest in research centres and hospitals in Bahrain.

GDP contribution in Q3 2021.

76 million
Gulf population by 2050.

104.6 bn
Gulf healthcare market size by 2022.

Your business is in safe hands

Bahrain offers the perfect blend of training, talent and technology to make the healthcare sector a promising financial opportunity for you across the region.

World-class healthcare facilities

Bahrain already has renowned healthcare training institutions, providing a strong foundation for further investment in healthcare. Our growing healthcare sector already includes the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, the College of Health Sciences and the Gulf University, which plans to expand to King Abdullah Medical City with a medical school campus and a new teaching hospital by the end of. 2021.

Excellent talent pool

Bahrain is ideally placed to attract the next generation of talent to the healthcare sector. We have a young, educated population with the highest level of private sector participation in the region and high quality housing at competitive prices.

Excellent technology base

Bahrain is well positioned to capitalise on the fastest growing global health sector: medical technology. Through technology transformation, we offer a well-established and growing ICT ecosystem with significant support for start-ups. Improved technology also provides more research data to improve medical practice.

Ideal Location

Bahrain's strategic location gives it a strong position in the market. Our position at the centre of the GCC makes us a magnet for regional healthcare services. The Kingdom is just an hour's flight away from major neighbouring markets such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, where the combination of new lifestyle-related chronic diseases and middle class consumption of healthcare services suggests that spending in the healthcare sector is projected to increase significantly.

Success Stories

KIMS Healthcare Group

KIMS is revolutionising the healthcare sector through quality-driven healthcare systems and practices. The group has a strong presence in the Gulf with a network of hospitals and medical centres. Its professionals offer experience, expertise, quality care, advanced facilities and world-class treatment protocols.


ORPEA, one of Europe's largest healthcare companies in the field of addiction care, specialises in long-term and short-term physical and mental health care in 774 healthcare facilities with approximately 80,000 beds. It is a growing presence in the healthcare sector as it expands in Asia and particularly in the Gulf States

Royal Hospital for Women and Children (established 2019)

The Royal Hospital for Women and Children is the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The private hospital is dedicated exclusively to women's care and paediatrics with specialties including neonatal and antenatal services, gynaecology, endoscopy, bone densitometry, breast cancer screening and IVF.

Offers a full range of clinical services for women, including the only Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in multiple private hospitals on the island.

Bahrain Pharma (established 2020).

A first-of-its-kind strategic project in Bahrain's pharmaceutical industry. Bahrain Pharma is the first major fully operational pharmaceutical manufacturer in Bahrain. Bahrain Pharma's current production will focus on vegetarian soft gel capsules and syrups as well as nutraceuticals.They have started with two production lines with a total annual production capacity of 600 million soft gel capsules and 20 million syrup bottles with the potential to expand production capacity to three additional soft gelatin capsule production lines.