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Bahrain's recognised financial services sector

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Bahrain's financial services sector is the financial centre of the Gulf for a reason.

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The most developed financial services sector in the Gulf region
Recognised as the financial capital of the Gulf, Bahrain has developed a financial services sector with 367 local, regional and global institutions.

The Regional Financial Services Centre in Bahrain welcomes you to the centre of a growing concentration of wealth. The regional market is valued at $1.67 trillion and Bahrain's financial companies are located in the centre of the GCC as well as the wider MENA region. Whether you are an international or Bahraini financial services company, a financial services company, a banking company or a stock exchange company, the Kingdom's progressive regulatory framework ensures that the region's oldest financial centre remains the most innovative.
The financial industry is the largest non-oil contributor to Bahrain's real GDP.

Sector contribution to GDP (Q3 2021)

217.5 bn
Banking sector assets (2021)

$28.76 bn
Market capitalisation (2021)

The total cost of doing business in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is 20-30% higher than in Bahrain (based on KPMG's Cost of Doing Business report, FS, 2021)

Job creation

The financial sector has a total workforce of 13,737 (Bahraini nationals make up 68% of the total workforce).

Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB)

Regulatory Guidance

Establishing a framework for the financial services sector in the Kingdom.

Single regulator

Single source of governance for the entire financial system in Bahrain since 2002.

In addition to this:

Bahrain is a global leader in Islamic finance and banking, offering fintech companies and banking institutions in-depth industry knowledge. Bahrain is ranked 1st in the GCC for Islamic banking and corporate governance (2nd globally) based on Refinitiv Islamic Finance Development's 2021 report.
Bahrain is also home to the leading FinTech centre in the MENA region, Bahrain FinTech Bay, which provides dedicated co-working space, innovation labs, consultancy services and more.

The transformation of the fintech ecosystem has been driven by unprecedented regulatory reform, paving the way for new industries including robo-advisory services and crypto-asset platforms. FinTech institutions can expand their industry offerings thanks to the country's flexible markets and strong technology infrastructure. In particular, CBB has rapidly embraced open banking, providing banks with a robust and constantly evolving regulatory framework to meet the demand for digital payment and credit services. In 2020, CBB launched FinHub 973, the region's first cross-border digital innovation platform that connects and facilitates collaboration between financial institutions and fintech companies under the supervision of a central bank.

Who is already represented in Bahrain:

From banking services to financial technology innovators , companies in Bahrain are driving the industry forward. Here are just some of those whose investment in Bahrain's financial industry has been instrumental in their success.
Noopolis makes it quick and easy for entrepreneurs from the financial services, FinTech and other financial and exchange institutions to set up and operate in Bahrain.

Noopolis will guide each new or existing organisation through the steps from getting to know the country to making their first profit, providing essential information and resources on future business opportunities in Bahrain to help companies in the financial services sector thrive and grow.

Additional Resources

A selection of Bahrain's financial industry resources are available for download. Discover opportunities in Bahrain regardless of your specialism in the financial services sector.

FinHub 973.

FinHub 973, launched by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), is the region's first cross-border digital innovation platform that connects and facilitates collaboration between financial institutions and fintech companies under the central bank's supervision.

CBB's regulatory sandbox

A framework to foster FinTech innovation and promote access to financial services.

Investment Limited Partnerships Law

Bahrain's Investment Limited Partnerships Law introduces new forms of structures and seeks mechanisms from which companies can benefit.

Protected Cell Company Act

Strengthens investor rights by separating private assets from a protected cell company and legally treating each cell separately.

Trusts Act

The Trusts Law is designed to facilitate estate planning, charitable giving and financial activities.

Startup Bahrain

Your guide to entering the startup ecosystem in Bahrain.