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Investing in education in Bahrain

Investment in education in Bahrain is growing rapidly, making it a valuable opportunity for international education companies looking to enter the Gulf market. The Kingdom is unrivalled in its commitment to excellence in education with the oldest education system in the region. Combined with a dynamic economy and a business-orientated stance, the Kingdom offers significant opportunities for investment in education, particularly in specialised higher education and executive education.

Regional opportunity

Education in Bahrain is in high demand and requires additional investment and resources to support its growth. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) student population is expected to reach 15 million by 2020, creating demand at all stages of the education system. In Bahrain, investors and education providers have access to high-quality opportunities both domestically and regionally, and can also save on taxes. Bahrain has no income tax and the education sector is exempt from Value Added Tax (VAT).

6 per cent average annual growth
number of students in public schools in Bahrain

62.5% growth in visitors to the GCC
to Bahrain for education and training (2018 - 2019)

1st place in MENA
in school life expectancy

12th place in the world
Number of tertiary students from abroad according to the Global Innovation Index 2021 published by VOICE.

The industry is constantly growing!

Why invest in education in Bahrain? The number of citizens under the age of 20 is expected to increase by 1.7% (around 30,000) annually over the next five years, leading to progress in private education. In addition, the large number of expatriates and the increasing costs that parents are willing to spend on education are making international education in Bahrain even more popular. These factors create an ideal environment for investing in education.

Nurseries and kindergartens

Bahrain has 133 private nursery schools. Enrolment has increased by 52 per cent in five years.

Higher education

Over the year, in 2019, higher education enrolment in Bahrain increased by 2.8%.

K12 is the fastest growing sub-sector

The number of students has increased by 47% since 2013, averaging 7.2% per year.

Research and Development

Bahrain's developed industries such as ICT and financial services are a springboard for product development.

Finding contractors

Opportunities exist in partnership with foreign institutions in retraining employees to meet employment needs.

Youth Growth

Youth make up 50 per cent of the Gulf's population and is projected to grow to 65 million by 2030.

Narrowing the skills gap, unlocking the future

Investing in education requires skilled instructors to thrive. Bahrain knows all about matching graduate skills to economic needs. By applying the following plans, we are creating opportunities for the full range of education providers:

Higher Education/College

Bahrain's first national strategy aims to develop specialised education through improved teaching, accreditation and apprenticeships.

Continuing Education

Organisations such as Tamkeen drive demand with dedicated resources and programmes that have upgraded the skills of nearly 10,000 people.

Specialised training

Bahrain is utilising its strengths in ICT and financial services to improve skills in these areas.

Success Stories

K12: British School (Inspired Education).

Inspired Education recently acquired the British School of Bahrain (BSB), making BSB its first school in the MENA region.

Kindergarten: Calinou French Nursery

A French investment in the pre-school sector, Calinou aims to fulfil a pressing need in the education market for French education in Bahrain.

Higher Education: British University of Bahrain (Salford University)

A British university offering undergraduate programmes in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). It is the first private university in Bahrain to specialise in STEM undergraduate degrees.

R&D: University of Applied Sciences/London South Bank Enterprise Joint Venture

A ground-breaking initiative that brings the UK's corporate culture of higher education to the Kingdom and aims to accommodate students, training and collaboration with the private sector.

Quest International School

Quest International School is the latest British school to enter the Bahraini educational market. Quest School aims to become the pre-eminent British international school in Bahrain with a reputation for excellence in meeting individual needs and preparing students personally, socially and academically for a successful future.

American School of Bahrain

Esol Education, founded in 1976, specialises in creating and managing high quality international schools in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, with branches in Hong Kong, Cairo and Nicosia, Esol Education currently serves over 10,000 students, operating a total of 9 international schools in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Cairo and Nicosia.

The American School of Bahrain is the only school offering an American curriculum in Bahrain and is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA).

Higher Education: Bahrain Dental Training Centre (in collaboration with RCSE)

The Bahrain Dental Training Centre is collaborating with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSE) to establish a state-of-the-art postgraduate professional training centre for dentists and allied professions - the first of its kind in the region.

Outward Bound Bahrain

Outward Bound is an international network of outdoor education organisations (or schools) in over 30 countries, with over 150,000 people attending each year. Training and development is provided through outdoor education and leadership courses. OBB aims to establish and facilitate the advancement and personal development of Bahrainis in line with Vision 2030 through education, facilitation and participation in a wide variety of activities with a special emphasis on physical endeavours in the outdoors.