About Bahrain

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At first glance, Bahrain is just an archipelago of 33 islands in the Persian Gulf. But few people know that Bahrain actually offers very large business opportunities and provides access to the best markets in the emerging markets of the Gulf and beyond.

Bahrain tells us a rich story of economic growth and diversification, with an impact on the world that far exceeds its compact size.

Let's take a look at a selection of interesting facts about Bahrain and learn about the aspects that have been integral to the country's success, firmly positioning it for the future!

Bahrain has been a commercial crossroads for 4,000 years

The word Bahrain means 'two seas' in Arabic, and its geographical position has been important throughout its long history as a commercial centre linking east and west.

Even then, Bahrain had already made a name for itself as a prominent trading centre of the Persian Gulf. It was a major stopover point for foreign traders and home to a rich pearl mining industry.
The history of Bahrain, its government and its impact on the world around it is impressive with far-reaching prospects:

3000 BC.

As the land of the ancient Dilmun civilisation, Bahrain has long been a trading centre linking east and west.
Mid-19th century

From a prominent commercial crossroads of the Persian Gulf, Bahrain developed into a modern state and became home to traders from many countries.

1932 г.

Bahrain was the first Gulf state to discover oil and has led the regional transition to a modern economy over the past 40 years.


Bahrain is the first Gulf country to break oil dependence. Bahrain became the most diversified economy in the region and a leading financial centre.

2002 г.

Bahrain became a constitutional monarchy with a democratically elected parliament, marking a period of continued reform.


Bahrain was named the Capital of Arab Culture in 2012, the Capital of Arab Tourism in 2013 and the Capital of Asian Tourism in 2014.


Bahrain is making strides to become a digital-first economy and a regional FinTech hub. The launch of the region's first regulatory sandbox marked the beginning of Bahrain's expanding commercial role.
Every year, millions of tourists experience the best Bahrain has to offer.

So, what is Bahrain known for?

Of all the places to visit, tourists choose the Kingdom for several reasons:
  • A gorgeous island;
  • cosmopolitan, relaxed lifestyle;
  • rich history and culture;
  • the organisation of major events;
  • delicious food and a diverse selection of shops.

All these ingredients combine to create a thriving tourism and hospitality sector that offers investors world-class infrastructure and a wide range of retail, leisure, food and hospitality investment opportunities in Bahrain.
Opportunities in a unique location

It's all about prioritisation. When it comes to tourism and hospitality, the Kingdom focuses on the 300 million people who can easily access it - from all parts of the Gulf and within a two-hour flight. As a result, Bahrain receives up to one million visitors every month, and most of these tourists spend more and more every year.
Now tourism in Bahrain is back on the upswing after a downturn in the global tourism industry in 2020. Experts predict that tourism in the GCC will return to pre-crisis levels by the end of 2021 and will generate more than $133.6 billion by the end of 2028. The opportunity to capitalise on Bahrain's growing tourism industry has never been better:

2.3 million

visitors in the second quarter of 2022 (BTEA, IGA)


was the overall growth rate of inbound tourism expenditure from Q2 2021 to Q2 2022 (BTEA, IGA)


Inbound tourism flow in Q2 2022 from the GCC (BTEA, IGA)

More than $10 billion

has been allocated to tourism infrastructure

Did you know that...?

Bahrain has 3 sites at once that offer visitors unique services are part of the UNESCO heritage: the Dilmun Mounds, the Pearl Road and Qalat Al Bahrain.

Clear strategy

To ensure the best results for investors, Bahrain has developed a specialised approach to tourism. Central to this is the development and growth of the three main tourism consumer sectors.
Restaurants, retail and leisure offer lucrative investment opportunities - the tourism industry continues to expand. In addition, as part of the National Economic Strategy, Bahrain is bringing digital technologies and industries to the centre to improve and transform each sector.

What is Bahrain centred on?

Events and festivals

Bahrain and its surrounding areas are home to a young population hungry for unique experiences. Events such as Formula 1 races and Ramadan attract tourists to the country in droves. With several annual events already taking place, this sector is set to grow strongly in the future.

Beach and seaside holidays

The beaches in Bahrain are unique. It is possible to experience and enjoy the white sand on both private and public beaches across the island.

Bahrain's beaches offer everything from spa resorts and recreational sports (such as water skiing and wakeboarding), to wildlife exploration. As an island country, it is an ideal place to develop a business specialising in beach and marine services.


The colourful culinary sector is at the heart of Bahrain's tourism. This dynamic industry includes local flavours, regional favourites and global brands that cater to growing domestic and international consumers. The Kingdom has development projects that gather opportunities for a diverse mix of proven concepts.

FB flagship and retail

The country's retail sector also continues to grow. There is a wide range of concepts located in distinctive settings including traditional bazaars, modern shopping and entertainment centres.

Leisure and Entertainment

Bahrain's rich culture and history, combined with modern amenities, opens up a world of opportunities for the leisure and entertainment industry. Recreational activities such as boat rentals, museum tours, theatre performances and festivals are just some of the many successful entertainment services. The combined resident and visitor consumer base provides a strong audience for companies specialising in leisure activities.

Additional services

Bahrain provides a good base for ancillary services in the GCC. Companies looking to enter this industry can benefit greatly from everything the Kingdom has to offer, including customer service solutions and secure electronic payment options.

Why do travellers love Bahrain?
Ours. Yours. Bahrain

A strong brand helps consumers understand the Kingdom's values. The national tourism concept "Our. Yours. Bahrain", supported by the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority, conveys the unforgettable experience that visitors to the Kingdom experience through the tourism and hospitality sector.


Bahrain is investing more than $10 billion directly in tourism infrastructure projects such as new hotels and museums to strongly support research and tourism in Bahrain.

And to summarise, it is safe to say that Bahrain is building a good foundation to support customers, services and facilities for public and private investment.

Come to Bahrain with us and see for yourself!